Blanc Sur Blanc


1½ oz Gin
¾ Cocchi Americano
¼ Ginger Liqueur
¾ oz Lime Juice
½ oz Pear Shrub (recipe below)
1 Egg White
1 tsp of Suze for Rinse/Spritz

What To Do

For Shrub: Fill a mason jar with fresh pear chunks. Cover with champagne/white wine vinegar. Seal. Let it sit for at least 7 days. When done, strain into a saucepan and add 1/2 cup or so of sugar. Get it to temperature so the sugar melts. Cool. Store. Done.

Add every ingredient except for the Suze in a shaker WITHOUT ICE (this is called a ‘dry shake’). Dry shake very well for at least 15-30 seconds. Add ice then shake till the drink cools. Double strain into a chilled coupe glass. Spritz the top of the cocktail with some Suze or rinse the glass with it before hand. Garnish with some pear slices.

A Few Words

This drink is good. Really good. For the people that know me, they would tell you that I tend to be quite a perfectionist. So actually admitting that I nailed a drink is a rare occurrence. I really think I nailed this one. Not too sweet. Great bite from the ginger and vinegar. Elegant. Floral. Smooth. Yummy. Cheers!