Blood and Tonic


1 ½ oz Genever Gin
½ oz Campari
½ oz Tonic Syrup
1 ½ oz Blood Orange Juice
¼ Simple Syrup

What To Do

Combine all ingredients. Shake well. Strain. Serve over crushed. Garnish with a blood orange slice.

A Few Words

Blood oranges are in season so I wanted to come up with a nice refreshing day drink. Genever is actually the precursor to the gin we know and love today. It was first sold as a medicine in the late 16th century in the Netherlands and Belgium. The taste is pretty neutral, with a slight aroma of juniper and malt wine. I love it and it’s becoming a lot easier to find these days. This is an awesome midday cocktail. Bitter. Floral. Light. Refreshing. Cheers!