Everybody Loves the Coconut


1 oz Dark Rum
1 oz Toasted Coconut Rum
¾ oz Coconut Liqueur
½ oz Aperol
1 oz Lime Juice
¼ oz Passion Fruit Syrup
3 Dashes of Tiki Bitters

What To Do

Combine all ingredients in a shaker. Shake well with ice. Strain into in a goblet or tiki mug. Garnish with some cherries and half a lime set on fire.

For Tiki Fire Garnish: Soak some breadcrumbs in some Bacardi 151. Hollow out half a lime after you squeezed it. Place in about a teaspoon of the soaked crumbs. Light it!

A Few Words

Another tiki joint! Coconut tends to get a bad rap in the mixology world. I think it’s because a lot of the coconut products out there are crappy artificial sugar bombs. I came across two new legitimate coconut spirits and wanted to make something. Really enjoyed this one! Yes, it’s a little sweet, but not overly so. I actually felt it was a quite balanced tiki drink. Cheers!