Extra Clean Martini


2½ oz Olive Oil Washed Gin (recipe below)
¾ oz Dry Vermouth
2 Dashes Lemon Bitters
1 tsp Suze
Small Pinch of salt

What To Do

Olive Oil Gin: Add 4 parts gin and 1 part good olive oil to a container or bottle. Store in the fridge for 2 hours shaking periodically. Then transfer to the freezer and freeze for at least 12 hours. Strain gin through a chinois and cheese cloth to collect solidified oil. Bottle.

Add a teaspoon of Suze to a martini glass. Swirl around the glass and then dump it. Chill glass in freezer. Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Stir till verrrrrrrry cold. Strain into the chilled rinsed coupe. Garnish with a lemon twist. Serve.

A Few Words

I first became aware of ‘fat washing’ cocktails from PDT’s famous ‘Benton’s Old Fashioned’. Since any fat will solidify when frozen, I thought I’d make a riff on a ‘Dirty Martini’ using olive oil. They key is to use a good quality olive oil. One that has a lot of flavor and nice complex peppery notes. It came out quite good as the Gin Mare gin already had aromatics of olive and lemon in it, though I feel any dry gin would work here.. Pretty fun little experiment. Cheers!