Cherry Road Soda


1½ oz Single Malt Scotch
½ oz Benedictine
½ oz Pomegranate Shrub
¾ oz Lemon Juice
2 Dashes of Aromatic Bitters
3 oz of a nice IPA
4-5 Fresh Cherries

What To Do

Place cherries into a shaker tin and muddle them with the shrub. Add the rest of the ingredients except the IPA and shake with ice. Poor the IPA into the glass and double strain over it. Garnish with a cherry.

A Few Words

Cherries are in season! So is beer! Ok…I suppose beer is always in season but cherries aren’t! I’m a huge cherry freak. I have no problem eating a whole bag in one sitting (it’s a problem and I’m working on it). So here’s an awesome cherry IPA beer cocktail I whipped up. A great one to enjoy outside on the deck. Malty. Fruity. A little bitter. A little smokey. Goes down easy. Cheers!